Welcome to the website of BR Interviewing Inc. BR Interviewing is a privately held research firm headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey. BR Interviewing is employed by Government Agencies, Corporations, Media, Religious Organizations, Advertising Agencies and other entities solely for the purpose of collecting data for survey research purposes.

We are not a sales or telemarketing firm and we will never divulge individual answers to any client for any purpose.

We also understand that some may have signed up either for the federal or various state Do-Not-Call Lists. Please be advised that under the law, BR Interviewing is not obliged to cleanse our telephone lists against the Do-Not-Call list. However, if you prefer not to participate, please leave your telephone number in the comment field below and allow us 3 days to ensure we have the opportunity to remove your telephone number.

Again, our intent is to collect survey data for the purposes of survey research. If however, you have any comments, or other experiences you wish to share, please do so. We ask that you please remember we are simply doing our jobs to the best of our ability and we respect your concerns. Please leave a message that is appropriate and considerate as well to the people who are listening to your message.

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